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About Us

The journey hasn't been long enough yet to write a journal, but there are a few things I would like to share.

In one line, Codelikedude helps you learn Test Automation and Web Design mainly. 

The story before codelikedude:

Being in an Automation Engineer role, codelikedude is an eruption out of passion. Not pre-planned.

Earlier in my college days, I've been into C, HTML, CSS, SEO, WordPress courses, and worked with tools like Ahref's, Semrush which sought some solid web knowledge.

Over the past 2 years, I have invested thousands of rupees in initiating blogs like pbtemplates, papawire, jonicart, owymarket, tccloud, earnnow, bluetoothjournal, snippetseller, etc. 

All I saw was a failure. They didn't turn the way I heard in the courses.

The Decision to Quit:

This is the best move. A move to learn. All the effort I kept didn't return anything instead impacted my productivity in the profession. 

I've deleted all the blogs, websites, services and started concentrating on Automation career.

In the process, I've worked on Java, Selenium, Jenkins, GIT, at a point in time, I got to develop and automate a real-time DBMS using Java swing that benefited our project to some extent.

Who else in Codelikedude?

Two cool colleagues, AkshayBhagat and Subash Yadav. 
Akshay Bhagat

Akshay Bhagat

An Automation Engineer, writes content on Selenium Automation and manages social accounts of codelikedude.
Subash yadav

Subash yadav

An Automation engineer and a fitness trainer, writes QA content to help Job seekers crack Automation openings.

Motive of codelikedude

Learning is the core motive. We as a team motivates each other to stand on that,

Don't learn to post, Post when you learn!

From selecting the codelikedude's domain name to designing the look and feel, only the learning and bitter experiences helped me! No other.

So, learning is the motive.

Codelikedude, What next?

I prefer to manage this as an informational blog primarily because that holds us on the learning track. To maintain and keep the blog up and running, we do offer a few services with minimal cost. 

Exploring Automation frameworks, programming languages, web designing tactics is the planned short-term goal. We will continue to enhance and expand as a team, branching on technical subjects consistently.

This is all about the start we have! and I would like to hear your feedback and suggestions on the blog.

Thanks for your interest through the lines. Stay safe and tuned.

Chaitanya Vaddisriram

Chaitanya Vaddisriram

A Blogger, Author, and Engineer. I manage and operate codelikedude, work as a QA Automation Engineer for Telecom Giant Telenet under Cognizant, India.