15 Best Online Code Editors For HTML, CSS, & Javascript [Free]
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15 Best Online Code Editors For HTML, CSS, & Javascript [Free]

No Setup. Simple. Elegant. Feature-rich.

Yes, In this post I'm going to bring out free HTML, CSS, and Javascript code editors that are madly possessed with above features.

Setting up libraries, IDE's, bla bla will eat our time and interest. It is painful for someone who gather interest with best effort once in a decade.

If you don't know, IDE stands for integrated development environment where you can actually create bigger projects. But what I'm talking about are code editors which are pretty much IDE's that run in browser. So, we need not setup any thing. One-click and start coding.

Okay, without further dealy, let's jump into the list.

1. Codepen

Codepen online html, css, and javscript editor

Codepen is a free online code editor for HTML, CSS, and Javascript that runs in your browser. There's no need to panic about setting up things and getting started. As soon as you begin typing, your work is saved automatically. On top of being able to code online, codepen also allows you to see what other people have done.

You will have access to view the source codes of some amazing designs, all created by skilled designers using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

From button design to product design, you can preview, interact with, and reuse the concept or entire code in your personal projects.

I wouldn't use code pen to build entire project, but it's great for developing short prototypes and testing proposed design.


  • • Live preview
  • • Import external cdn
  • • Create fork from other projects
  • • Upload asset files (pro feature)
  • • Auto save
cool tip: If you're struck while designing any front end element, just google - "[Element name] codepen". This way, you can see how others implemented that in codepen. Example: button codepen, email form codepen, radio button codepen etc.

Live demo

2. JsFilddle

Jsfiddle code editor website homepage

jsfiddle is an online IDE or integrated development environment (a fancy way of saying a code editor). 

I really like JS fiddle because it's very simple to use. You can configure the web development technologies you want to use using a feature called "Boiler Plates" (and it is a terrible name).

Again, this is only for the sake of prototyping in order to create demos or to answer questions on Stack Overflow. You can't even start a simple webpage on this server!

Some shortcuts, such as writing h1 and pressing the "Tab" key, will fill the HTML tag for you. When I first looked, I couldn't find wanted auto-save feature, but after logging in, I discovered.


  • • Keyboard shortcuts
  • • Boiler plate configuration
  • • Error highlighting
  • • Auto-save

3. CodeSandBox

codesandbox website code editor

CodeSandbox is another powerful code editor for the browser but I think it's a little bit better than some other code IDs. If you want to work with react, angular, or any other any other frameworks, Sandbox is a great choice. You'll have your own container and you can run npm install.

It has this browser that gets updated in real time when you type your code. SandoxBox offer native Emmet (a plug-in used to be able to type HTML shortcuts) built in support, and several dependencies can be added though.


  • • Add dependencies
  • • Own container
  • • Real-time preview
  • • Collaboration feature
  • • Emmet Plugin

4. CodingRooms

Practice web development in Coderooms

You can Open, write, or copy code to a CodingRoom editor and then share it with friends and coworkers. Pair programming and troubleshooting was easy as everything happens in real time.

The cool thing is you can use visual studio code inside code editor. Unlike many online code editors in this list, CodingRooms gives access to terminal. You can run shell commands too.

Live Demo

5. JsBin

JsBin code editor demo

JSBin is quite similar to JSFiddle, and its collaborative features are equally well renowned. The service includes HTML templates and CSS frameworks. Also, you can use JavaScript frameworks like React, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, etc.

  • • Gist support: import and export
  • • Debug
  • • Archive bin
  • • Library support
  • • Custom Url
  • • Emmet 

6. PlayCode

Playcode code editor demo

Playcode is one other option to share your code. You can pretty much start writing html, css and javascript and share the live output. Again, you can only share the output using the url. The other person can inspect and see the output or DOM structure.


HTML-CSS-JS.com Demo

The name of the site itself is dedicated to HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This browser-based editor is straighforward and simple. You can change orientations and layout sections on the screen. I didn't noticed any lag with live preview. compilation is seamless.

8. Replit

Replit code editor demo

Replit is an online IDE that enables making and sharing your web creations easy. You can select your language and create a new repl once you log into your free account.

Replit allows you the flexibility of adding to your projects files, packages and unit tests. If you wish to share your projects, you can copy the URL to the right of the preview window and share.

  • • GitHub integration
  • • API and Plugins
  • • Custom Url

9. Glitch

Glitch code editor demo
Glitch enables you to create demos and prototypes of programms. Everything from JavaScript  simple web pages to complicated frameworks like React or Vue, and Node.js server applications.

A project is referred heer with the term , "Glitch". You can create and remix other's glitches too. Ability to see Log history and debugger capability are some interesting features of Glitch.

  • • Code remix
  • • Debugging & collaboration
  • • Create teams

10. Liveweave

Liveweave editor demo

Liveweave, looks and beahaves same like codepen. But here you'll get css attribute suggestions which is great if you are a beginner. It's an excellent platform for web designers and developers to test, practise and share their ideas.

Real-time JavaScript debugger and theme customisation are good features.

11. StackBlizz

StachBlizz code editor demo

StackBlizz affirms that you can write your browser in the future. And after trying, I'm sure you'll agree that the online application for coders is really helpful.

  • • Firebase support
  • • Project Search
  • • Offline editing
  • • Live reloading
  • • Import npm packages
Live Demo (Select Static Project for HTML, CSS & Js)

12. GitPod

Gitpod code editor preview

Gitpod is a full-fledged browser based IDE. This serves the best for advanced users in collaboration mode. You can create docker images and perform synchronous coding. 

  • • Dev Environments Prebuilt
  • • Integrated Docker Build
  • • Integration of GitLab, GitHub and Bitbucket
  • • Code reviews integrated
  • • Code collaboration

13. CodePad

codepad code editor demo

Codepad is an effortless spot to share snippets for developers (PHP, Java, Bash, C, C++, Python etc.). It is easy to create your HTML, CSS and JS Demos. You'll not any advanced options, everything is basic and clean.

14. One Compiler

onecompiler code editor demo

One compiler is another free code playground where you can do quick html, css, and Javascipt coding. I didn't noticed any Auto-save feature but UI is modern and visually appealing.

The cool part is you can create organisations and add your students or peers. It is free.

15. BitDegree

Bitdegree HTML editor demo

Bitdegree is a code learning platform. They offer a free code compiler and is much similar to codepen in terms of look and feel. Being a browser-based code editor, it supports divers languages like Javascript, Php, Bootstrap, jQuery, C++ , Python etc.


Most of the above listed code editors will offer same core functionality. But everyone will have their own taste. Test them out by yourself and stick to one or two which suits your usecase. Communities in these platforms are great to expand your network. 

 If you know more HTMl, CSS, Javascript compilers, feel free suggest in comment section, I will add to this list.

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