18,917+ Free Online Certifications You Can Earn Right Now
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18,917+ Free Online Certifications You Can Earn Right Now

Certifications are like extensions for browsers that power the extra mile at work. 

Are you hunting to find free online courses certificates?

If so, I got free, credible, and massive deals to ease your homework. 

Do you know? Most of the free online courses are not genuinely free. In the end, you will have to pay some fee to download the certificate. (Eg. Udemy, Coursera etc.)

I decided not to qualify such platforms to be on this free list. So, whatever you find here is free. Free means, I mean it.

In this post, You'll find the list of free platforms that offer thousands of free online certifications collectively!

Tip: Bookmark this page to keep the resources handy. Progressively, you can earn a maximum number of free certificates. I will be updating this list then and there!

1. Cognitive Class

Cognitive Class is an educational resource that provides short and free online courses. Once you complete the course, they will offer a free badge or certification.

It's data science course was ranked #2 best by Forbes.


No. of courses 70
Certificate Free
Website Click here


  • ➤ Big data fundamentals
  • ➤ Data Science fundamentals
  • ➤ Blockchain
  • ➤ Containers
  • ➤ Reactive Architecture

Best Picks:

2. Alison

Over 3.5 million graduates trust Alison. It is known for 100% free online course certifications. 

In a 2017 survey, more than 50% of their graduates claimed that they have managed to get a job after training in Alison.  


No. of courses 3000+
Certificate Free
Website Click here


  • ➤ Business
  • ➤ IT
  • ➤ Language
  • ➤ Teaching & Academics
  • ➤ Personal Development
  • ➤ Management
  • ➤ Sales & Marketing
  • ➤ Engineering & Construction
Best Picks: (Category: Technology)

3. UpGrad

UpGrad is an accredited Indian e-learning platform. It has 300+ hiring partners, and courses are designed to train and prepare anyone for a job.

Their paid courses got poor reviews, but the free courses are a bang for bucks to add value.


No. of courses24
WebsiteClick here


  • ➤ Machine Learning
  • ➤ Technology
  • ➤ Data Science
  • ➤ Marketing
  • ➤ Career Planning
  • ➤ Industry Webinars
Best Picks: (Category: Technology)
  • ➤ Blockchain Technology: A Quick Introduction
  • ➤ Core Java Basics
  • ➤ Advanced JavaScript for All
  • ➤ Data Structures & Algorithms

4. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is one of the authoritative platforms where tech news and job openings circulate at a healthy pace. Their Learning platform offers all 16000+ courses in a free trial period. 

In a trial period of 30 days, You can manage to enroll a course, complete, and download the certificate of completion.

Note: LinkedIn asks for your card details when you enroll. However, Go ahead and cancel before the trial period ends to claim a free certificate.


No. of courses16000+
WebsiteClick here

5. Oxford Home Study Center

The courses in Oxford Home Study Center are known for their genuine value. Compared to traditional platforms like Udemy, Coursera, etc. certifications by Oxford carries better market value.

Oxford's free courses don't cover more technical topics. But you can relate to a few courses, listed in the below best picks. 


No. of courses45+
WebsiteClick here

Best Picks:

6. Saylor

Saylor courses are an easy and accessible option to grow in your career. The courses are well structured and considered a great value add for anyone's resume.

Although Saylor is not accredited, some credible country sources featured Saylor's badges.


No. of courses100+
WebsiteClick here

Best Picks
  • ➤ Computer Architecture
  • ➤ C++ Programming
  • ➤ Elementary Data Structures
  • ➤ Software Engineering
  • ➤ Introduction to Modern Database Systems
  • Information Security

7. Cisco

Free online courses by Cisco Networking Academy are more focused on the Networking domain. 

If you clear the test in the end, you'll get a printable badge from cisco. As the company has a good reputation in the industry, a badge can speak more than a certificate by some random academy.


No. of courses09
WebsiteClick here


  • ➤ Networking
  • ➤ Cyber Security
  • ➤ IOT
  • ➤ Infrastructure Automation
  • ➤ OS IT
  • ➤ Programming
  • ➤ Business
  • ➤ Packet Tracer

8. Stepik

Stepik is a Russia based e-learning platform that offers a handful of technical courses. As of today, Stepik learners have submitted 26 million assignments.


No. of courses10
WebsiteClick here

Top Picks:

  • Python Skills for Handling Biological Data
  • Data Structures
  • JavaScript for beginners
  • Technical maintenance of aircraft and aircraft engines
  • Engineering of the future
  • Introduction to statistics

9. Free Code Camp

Free code camp has been equipping self-learners to get started with their technical journey since 2014.

As the aim is to take you through the course truly, their curriculum takes time. 

Once you clear the final section, You'll bag a certificate.


No. of courses06
WebsiteClick here

Top categories:
  • Responsive Web Design
  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Front & Back end development
  • Python - Data Analysis 
  • Information Security
  • Python - Scientific Computing
  • Python - Machine Learning
  • Data Visualization

10. Plural Sight

Plural Sight owns name for quality and updated course content. Under a free trial period, you will be given 200 minutes of watch time for 10 days.

Ideally, choose short courses that are under 3 and half hours. This way, you can earn a free certificate of completion.

Don't forget to cancel the subscription before 10 days; else you'll be charged!


No. of courses1000+
CertificateFree (in trial period)
WebsiteClick here

Top Categories:

  • ➤ Aec
  • ➤ Architecture & construction
  • ➤ Business professional
  • ➤ Creative professional
  • ➤ Data professional
  • ➤ IT ops
  • ➤ Manufacturing & design
  • ➤ Information & cyber security
  • ➤ Software developer
  • ➤ Software development
  • ➤ Web development

11. Scrum Study

Scrum Study is part of the Global Accreditation Body for Scrum and Agile Certifications. If you want to become a software developer, knowing methodologies is a must!

This platform is great to attain a free scrum certification by clearing the basic online test.


No. of courses1
WebsiteClick here


12. AWS Training and Certifications

Learning cloud computing is trending today. Amazon AWS is the top platform if you have to choose.

Their native courses give you deep insights into internal cloud architecture.


No. of courses100+
WebsiteClick here

13. Open learning

Open Learning offers student-centric lessons, quizzes to enhance your career. It has 2.7 global learners, and you'll be given access to private classes after signup (free).


No. of courses150
WebsiteClick here

  • Computers and Technology
  • Business and Economics
  • Arts and Design
  • Language and Communication
  • Math and Science
  • Law
  • Lifestyle
  • Education & engineering
  • Health & Medicine

Best Picks: (category: Technology)



HR: Yo! I got two similar profiles. Both performed great.

HR's brain: Well, Hard decision, any difference in the skills section?

HR: Hmm, one got extra certification

HR's brain: Game over, pull him in!

Moral: Get a free certification to avoid close calls!

Free or paid, earning each certification takes time and effort. On the whole, everything you do is worth it. After all, you are here searching out of the inner fire. Let it continue till you reach the heights you deserve. 

Comment down if you know of any other free resources! I'm happy to update the list.

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