AlgoExpert Review: Is It Worth The Money & Hype ?
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AlgoExpert Review: Is It Worth The Money & Hype ?

In this review post, we will be reviewing in and out of Algoexpert, an interview preparation tool.

Yes, most of us are bad at self-learning. At times, that will leave us with half knowledge, which is more dangerous!

So, It's a wise decision to look for online courses, programming tools, and interview preparation tools to help us get a dream job!

One such helping friend is Algoexpert!

Being prepared for technical interviews, some of the things in preparation resources we look for are: 

  • •  Credibility to get real value 
  • •  Affordable so that it doesn't loot our bank balance
  • •  Support if we were struck with solutions

Review of Algoexpert

Algo expert review
Algoexpert is a paid resource that let software engineers practice competitive coding. The end goal is to make you solve technical coding questions and help you become a software developer in big companies.

Each product stocks hundreds of questions, and they are perfect for programmers who have limited time to prepare for an interview.

First things first, AlgoExpert is not a place to start with your coding but to gear up. They mainly target  software developers who have a solid background in the field and are actively looking for highly competitive jobs at companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Before jumping into the detailed review, let me outline the parameters based on which I usually evaluate a interview preparation resource.
  • • Content quality
  • • Trainer Knowledge level
  • • Structure of course
  • • Length and Pace
  • • Approach
I will explain all these from Algoexpert perspective. You can evaluate and decide if algoexport helps your interview preparation.

What does AlgoExpert Offer?

Your only guide for AlgoExpert

Algoexpert offers three products:
  1. AlgoExpert 
  2. SystemExpert 
  3. MLExpert 

1. AlgoExpert

AlgoExpert renders 160 coding questions in 15 categories along with a data structures crash course. The problems allows you deep-dive into deeper sides of Linked lists, Binary trees, searching & sorting, algorithms etc.

We all know that Data structures is tricky. To ease the learning, Algoexpert has organized the coding problems so that the focus on learning is wider.

Data Structures problems bear the standards of FAANG tier company interviews, and the difficulty level is progressively more than Leetcode. The best part is you'll get solutions in 9 different programming languages.

Once you enroll in Algoexpert; all the questions will be unlocked automatically. Here are the quick steps to get started with Algoexpert.
  • • Goto and buy the product
  • • Then click on any question as shown below

clément mihailescu's ALgo expert review

Once you click, a new window will be opened. You can write your code and run in their inbuilt code editor as shown below.
ultimate coding test

How is the Algoexpert code editor?

Their code editor comes with Sublime, Emacs, Vim editor keymaps. Along with a bug-free environment, there are many customizable features like font size, dark and light mode, Layout, Stopwatch, etc.

The video solutions are hosted on the Vimeo platform, and overall, the interface simulates real coding round experience.

When you hit the run button, the code goes through a set of pre-written tests and displays the output. You are not forced to use python or Javascript; instead, you have nine programming languages to choose from.
  1. JavaScript
  2. Python
  3. C++
  4. C#
  5. Java
  6. Go
  7. Swift
  8. TypeScript 
  9. Kotlin 
This diverse language support feature is something you don't see everywhere!

Tutor knowledge in Video Solutions?

CEO and Co-founder of AlgoExpert, clément mihailescu, led the video solutions as the instructor. He worked as a software engineer at Google and Facebook. 

Clem is a real coding expert and did a great job.

A few complained that the explanation pace is a bit fast. At the same time, most said AlgoExpert should have documented text written solutions as one need not waste time on videos in every case."

In general, the pace and grasping both are relative. But the expectation before enrolling with AlgoExpert is  "one should have decent coding knowledge and ability to understand advanced concepts."

AlgoExpert is not a place to start but to gear up!

What about problem difficulty level?

Earlier, when AlgoExpert used to offer only 100 questions, many learners reported that difficulty level is easy. Some claimed that most are available for free outside. 

That being said, AlgoExpert has increased the count from 100 to 160, and toughness was categorized as below:
  1. Easy - 25
  2. Moderate - 55
  3. Hard - 46
  4. Very Hard - 34

How about video solutions?

In depth review of Algo Expert

Every video solution at AlgoExpert will have two main sections.

1. Conceptual Overview
2. Code Walkthrough

Conceptual Overview is the first half of the video where the tutor breaks down the algorithm. He explains and unfolds the solution pattern for the question and shows ways to think, implement and optimize to the core.

And in the Code Walkthrough part, clément mihailescu will write Python code line by line with proper explanation. Note that, video solutions are available in only Python language. Of course algorithm in conceptual view has nothing to do with language!

This way, you'll have a birds-eye view of what you are doing. If you want to have a quick look at the coding environment, check the below demo questions and come back, we will see some cons of AlgoExpert.
In addition to all of the above, you'll get behavioural training, certificate and assessments. The assesment can be your ultimate software coding test that takes 4 hours to complete. 

Key Quality Takeaways:
  • • 160 Questions with video solutions
  • • Solutions in 9 programming languages
  • • Analyses of Space-Time Complexities
  • • 4 Curated Assessments
  • • Mock Interviews

Cost of AlgoExpert:

Must know things about Algoexpert's price

The updated cost of AlgoExpert is $49

The cost has been reduced by 50% from $99 to $49, which means one will have to pay $0.3 for each video solution. Also, if you buy two products, AlgoExpert will reduce 25% of total price.

The subscription validity is one year, and you will get 30% loyal discount if you want to renew the subscription.

I feel their decision to reduce the price is too late. They could have prevented bad reviews on their pricing if the decision was made a year ago.

The content was increased by 60%, and the price was decreased by 50%, making AlgoExpert a cost-efficient product for such good quality.

Anyway, the pandemic has made online cheaper and offline costlier. AlgoExpert is no exception.

Is AlgoExpert Worth?

In one word? Yes, in 2021.

Increased content, Reduced price, video solutions, Quality over Quantity are key factors to stack it under worth buying category. If we don't compare with any other resources, AlgoExpert by itself is worthy of what they offer.

But why we shouldn't compare? We have to, and we will do that in upcoming sections.

After all, choosing the best platform among many is our goal as a payee!

Algoexpert has succeeded in giving the premium experience for 80,000+ software engineers. The handpicked and organized content keeps you isolated with strategic learning. You will not want to look or hear anything out of the park. 

In the end, you will get a certificate from AlgoExpert.

Pro Tip: In large scale companies, there will be no impact in hiring process even if you earn a lot of certifications. The interview rounds are core decision factors and they themselves are nightmares!

Should I go for AlgoExpert?

Before deciding AlgoExpert as your interview prep tool, I would like to say something.

You will be able to find most of AlgoExpert's questions on the internet. But the factors you should probably think about are:
  • • Will I get solutions for all the questions in 9 languages? 
  • • Will the algorithm's approach and style of teaching be consistent? 
  • • Did I have enough time to gather all the scattered stuff?
  • • Can I hunt and put together all the reliable resources by myself?
If your answer is "yes" to all the above questions, I strongly recommend not to go for AlgoExpert.

No? - "Okay, Just consider AlgoExpert for now. Don't confirm as we have a few negatives to be discussed in upcoming sections."

Algoexpert is for you if:

  • • You are a fair enough with Data structures
  • • You have less time to prepare for an interview
  • • You lack self learning skills
  • • You like organized learning
Algoexpert is not for you if:
  • • You don't know how to code
  • • You have enough time to learn from free resources
  • • You need human assistance while learning

Review of SystemsExpert product

System Expert is all about interview questions on design systems.

  • •  Systems Design Fundamentals
  • •  Comprehensive Video Explanations
  • •  Hand picked questions
  • •  Real Code Examples

SystemExpert is reported for its basic level stuff. Even a software developer with 2 years of experience felt everything was at ground level. They should probably consider polishing this further. 

In the ground level, System Expert can merely satisfy a beginner.

Demo question:

Review of MLExpert product

This stream is mainly focused to quip you for machine learning interviews.

Before you choose MLExpert, below are the expectations:
  1. You have a background in Machine Learning and Mathematics, and you're preparing for ML-related technical interviews.
  2. You don't have an ML background, but you want to understand ML at a high level.

Recruiting Profile in AlgoExpert:

Features of Algo expert

Algoexpert has recently introduced this recruiting profile feature. The idea is to project your AlgoExpert profile to recruiters and help you get hired.

However, this is continuing as a beta feature, and there is no guarantee that the recruiter will reach you.

Possible Negatives of AlgoExpert

No Refund:

AlgoExpert returns no dollar even if you ask on the same day.

No Support:

You'll not have any realtime human assistance. And it is not nice to see that they admit this in their emails too!

No Lifetime Access:

Algoexpert's pricing is a one year subscription model. You'll not be able to revise when you want to switch jobs after one or two years. This can be a disappointing factor for some.

No Forums or Community:

In most of online learning platforms, forum or community is a common factor. At times, peers can bring way smarter solutions than the actual ones. 

But you'll miss that at AlgoExpert. 

AlgoExpert vs Leetcode

It is said, "AlgoExpert is a subset of Leetcode." Yes, it is true, but AlgoExpert kept the quality and got easy to understand solutions. As the volume is more at Leetcode, you will possibly get exposure to diverse concepts of Data structures.

 Algoexpert ==  Leet code + Youtube + Data Structures Book

Bottom line,
  • • Leetcode is for high volume
  • • Leetcode price - $35/month (free tier available)
  • • AlgoExpert is for high quality
  • • AlgoExpert price - $49/year
Update: Leetcode has included video solutions in its premium subscription. Nothing different, clone copy of AlgoExpert ones! check here

AlgoExpert vs

Grokking System Design course at is remarkably worth it, but the same course at Algoexpert is claimed by many as basic.

 Customer satisfaction rate and coverage at educative is more compared to AlgoExpert. Educative didn't offer any video solutions, but that didn't stop it from getting huge positive reviews than Algoexpert.

Bottom line,
  • • Educative is for a System design course and greater coverage
  • • AlgoExpert is considerable for Data Structures problems
Read full Educative io review 

AlgoExpert Review: Final verdict


  • Organized content
  • Quality Video solutions
  • Decent price ($49 in 2021)
  • Multi-language support
  • Behavioural Training
  • Curated assessments
  • Mock interviews


  • No proper support
  • No Refund or Trail
  • No Forum or Community
  • Moderate question volume

Course Quality10
Mentor Knowledge9
Cost effective8
Question Coverage8
Platform software9
Other Platform Reviews Avg.8


AlgoExpert is another premium resource to practice competitive coding. It has got some quality questions and is worth buying content. This is perfect if you have less time, and Video solutions give a remarkable learning experience. Support on the fly is a bit disappointing.
Overall Score

AlgoExpert Review: Closing Thoughts

Data structures is tough. Please don't make it even more tougher by unordered learning. If you are on the fence, don't ever reconsider investing in a quality course. Forget about this AlgoExpert review; you are investing today for a better tomorrow.

Moreover, enrolling on an online course keeps you motivated and disciplines your  schedule.

I hope I've covered all the factors you need to know about AlgoExpert.

Still not able to decide? Okay, think like below.

Raw materials to make food are available outside, and we know how to cook. Still, why do we go to restaurants?


Is the AlgoExpert is worth it?

Definitely Yes! In 2021, the latest price is $49 that has been dropped from $99. 

Is MLexpert is a good product?

It is good if you have Machine learning background. It also serves you in giving an high level overview of Machine learning. 

Is their free trail in AlgoExpert?

No, AlgoExpert don't offer any free trail. You will have to pay full product price to access it.

Should I buy AlgoExpert?

If you are have coding background and have less time to prepare, then go for it! You will not be disappointed.

Does AlgoExpert teach the coding?

No, AlgoExpert is not a place to start with your coding. It is where you gear up!

Fun Fact:
"Wanna become a software engineer at Google?" -You should have heard this in AlgoExpert advertisement. Do you know who's that Algoexpert girl? She's is girl friend of clément mihailescu, CEO of AlgoExpert. Her name is Meghan Williams, but currently popularised as "algoexpert advertisement girl."

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