A Review of DesignerUp Product Design Course - Is it Legit?
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A Review of DesignerUp Product Design Course - Is it Legit?

DesignerUp Reviews - Product Design Course review

Just so you know: This is a detailed DesignerUp review guide. If you are unsure about choosing the right boot camp, I recommend not skip the content down. However, if your choice is DesignerUp, I can also help you by offering a coupon in the end.  

Last week, my LinkedIn feed was flooded with UI UX design surveys and product design content. It's awe to see how a tiny UI change was affecting user experience drastically.

These days, most brilliant design knowledge is accessible on the internet but it is scattered and authored by diverse people. The best always comes out of sequentially ordered course. 

But finding that one life-changing boot camp among 1.86 billion websites is impossible. At least we can go close to quality by doing some practical research. In this boot camp review series, our next company is "DesignerUp."

Before diving into the DesignerUp review, I need to share you something that successful designers are saying.

What it takes to become a Product Designer?

A study by Science advances says, "People under online education scored 7.8% higher than others" .

Of course, marks aren't the only factor yet there is significance behind it. After all, product design is all about taste. To master it, you need to be equipped with skills like

  1. Prototyping
  2. wireframing
  3. user flows
  4. mockups
  5. Agile methodologies and architectures, etc.
Again, these skills will not complete you as a UI UX designer; there are more.

What famous CEOs are saying?

Cisco Guzman, Head of Product at Tara.AI (ex-director for Adobe XD), said, "UX designer skills is the ability to collaborate".

Scott Smith, CEO of CloudApp said, "One can shape wireframes to various shapes and sizes, but what you’re really looking for is a simple way to visually express an idea".

So, any design is a state of mind and is more than any technical or tool knowledge.

Coming back to our agenda, "DesignerUp review!" I came to know this through a casual surf. After some research with my peers, I thought of listing it in my boot camp review series.

What is DesignerUp? Is it worthy? Should I buy DesignerUp's product design course? 

Well! If you are looking for answers, you are at right place. We are going to settle the accounts of confusion and come to a conclusion.

Everything you need to know about DesignerUp:

Company DesignerUpCo
Founder & Co-founder Elizabeth & Eric Alli
Headquartered San Francisco, California
Founded 2018
Industry e-learning
Employee size 1 - 10
No. of courses 1
Name of course UI/UX Product Design
Cost $497 (Lifetime)

What DesignerUp do?

DesignerUp trains and helps you become a certified UI/UX product designer. It is an online self-learning boot camp that offers 74+ video lessons covering all major topics in product design.

coupon code and discount on DesignerUp Course

The curriculum comes with eleven modules, and the videos are short, and informative. They can be completed in 4 to 6 months on average. The motive is to equip you with skills; there is no job guarantee.

In addition to the course, there are some exciting perks which we will discuss next.

Cost of DesignerUp Product Design Course:

Make a one-time payment of $497 and own the product for lifetime (considered cost-effective by many students)

Addons (Benefits):

The course doesn't come barely. It is backed by several free webinars, downloadable resources, tool subscription discounts and mindful designer community access.

Remember the words of CEOs. A community is the strength of a product designer, which cannot be attained in traditional platforms like Udemy or Skillshare.

DesignerUp's private community got some 100+ members (11000+ including the public), and channels in it can potentially keep your journey interactive.

DesignerUp community

Quality of DesignerUp Product Design Course:

In the end, this is what we look and pay for.

The course is more beginner-friendly to excel in a design career. Anyone with a solid design background may not sense this as a groundbreaking deal. 

Elizabeth has succeeded in packing her 13 years of experience in 11 modules, and the assignments are the pillars of the course.

Just like the content weight, the production values are par good. The arrangement and pace of videos are impressive and the editing is to the point without unnecessary details.

Here's a recent demonstration video of design stages from their youtube channel.

Workspace and Peers:

The founder and instructor are very near and accessible. No fancy hierarchy.

Not only inside the circle, even outside; Personally, I found them interactive in media handles.

DesignerUp Social Interaction

As the student volume is thin, every learner will get maximum exposure and a pleasant experience.

By the time you get a portfolio, you have good scope to make some quality relations.

Student Perks by DesignerUp:

This is all about exclusive discounts for their students on design software tools. 

In one of his medium posts, the co-founder Eric said that he had hand-tested every tool they use inside DesignerUp. 

DesignerUp's co-founder medium post

Below are the tools and exclusive tool discounts for DesignerUp students.

Tool Discount
Sketch 50%
Figma 2 years free
Invision 6 months free
UserBit 20%
RightFont 30%
IconJar 20%
Inboard 20%
Beastnotes 1 month free
Sip 50%
Budicon 10%
Icon54 Icons 40%
Nucleo 25%
Nova Icons 25%
FlowMapp 25%
TypeStudio 20%
Visualsitemaps 35%

If you are already into some other course but still want the above tools, I can help you with Right Font. Get 20% off exclusively with codelikedude. 

DesignerUp Reviews on the Internet:

Actually there are not many DesignerUp reviews out there but whatever I found were positive.

One of their student, Sara said, "Elizabeth was always very helpful. When I asked questions, she replied with more information than I was expecting, and she was very thoughtful!"

She, along with Rohith, added, "The one-to-one mentorship and practical projects made us stronger than just listening to the lectures".

About one to one mentorship:

One to one mentorship is not an official promise but is being seen and happening on the go. 

More reviews stats we will see in the verdict section.

Last but not a most minor thing;

Negative Reviews:

Out of many happy certified designers, I found one person on Reddit who's extremely unhappy with DesignerUp. He's unable to complete the course and suggested others not to enroll. 

So, I took a step forward to see all his older posts. Among all, there is no story of him where he didn't get irritated about. 

In the worst case, he roasted the giant Apple too! (Not offending, but you need to know how to pick the correct reviews)

DesignerUp's Negative Reviews on the Internet

I can't judge but can say something. Aggressive can't survive under the shed of design philosophy. Mindfulness and anger are contrary to each other.

Final Verdict [DesignerUp Review] 


  • Good mentor support
  • Cost-effective
  • Design community
  • Decent student perks
  • Free webinars and resources
  • Transparent


  • Not accredited (usually boot camps won't)
  • Not for advanced students

Course level8
Mentor Knowledge9
Cost effectiveness9
Platform software9
Switchup reviews10


DesignerUp's product design course is recommended for beginners with no design background. Mentors with 10+ years of experience are supportive. Although there is no Job guarantee promise, the course is capable of equipping you with design skills. Community, low Cost and Assignments are considered as crucial highlights by many students
Overall Score

Closing Thoughts:

Well, this is all about DesignerUp's product design course review. Man, Design is deceptive! Sometimes our work seems like an eye feast. At times, the same look like a rotten egg! haha (I feel this when I see the old edited pictures of mine)

Don't be hurry! think and choose the right online boot camp. 

What's your take?

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