Bloc Review: A Detailed Bloc Bootcamp Review
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Bloc Review: A Detailed Bloc Bootcamp Review

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Important update: Bloc was acquired by Thinkful on Feb 4, 2021.

Checking for bloc io reviews out there? Well, even I did and found some old and mixed outlets. Relax; we will sort this out together by the end of this detailed bloc bootcamp review.

Before diving in, check below statistics on e-learning growth after the pandemic by College Crisis:

e-learning and online courses statistics in 2021

By today (2021), people's interest to take online education has been increased to 900%

Likely, the remote is going to be the future format of learning. No more physical books & hectic classes, all is going to be around these programming tools.

All right! First we will see what Bloc offers in their bootcamps and then go for the review.

What is Bloc io?

Bloc, now thinkful, is a mentor-led online learning platform that offers coding bootcamps.

The primary motive of Bloc is to help you get a job. After thinkful acquired bloc, they were offering six courses together.

The time frame for each online course is a maximum of 6 months served in two segments, part-time and full-time.

Unlike most e-learning platforms, Bloc has brought a one-to-one mentorship curriculum, enhancing the learning experience for their 7000+ enrolled students. 

Personally, I took interest here. The mentor-student interaction aspect is impressive and a standing factor to get most out of the fee you pay.

Bootcamps in Bloc or Thinkful:

Below is the list of courses offered by Bloc and Thinkful boot camps.
  1. Software Engineering & Software Developement
  2. Data Science
  3. UX / UI design
  4. Digital marketing
  5. Technical project management

Courses in thinkful or Bloc bootcamp

Recently, Dan & Darrell conveyed their plans to expand courses and programs in coming months.

How to enroll in Bloc?

The eligibility is straightforward without typical filters. Before mentor sessions begin, you will have to complete a few recorded courses.

Contact Thinkful team from their official website. You'll receive a call from a representative and the rest will be guided by them.

Bloc coding boot camp cost:

In terms of price, Bloc or Thinkful is one of the cost effective boot camps. 

Course Full time Cost Part time cost Duration
Software Development $16,000 $9,000 5M - FT, 6M - PT
Data Science NA $9,500 6M - PT
Data Analytics $12,250 $8,000 4M - FT, 6M - PT
UX / UI Design $12,150 $9,500 5 - FT, 6M - PT
Digital Marketing NA $4,900 3M - PT
Tech Project Management $9,000 $6,500 3M - FT, 5M - PT

Among all, software developer boot camp is the most enrolled and well-rated course. 

Personal tips: 

  1. Digital marketing course can be taken anywhere at less or free of cost as the concepts in it are straight forward.
  2. DesignerUp suits the best for complete beginners when it comes to UI /UX product design course

Payment Options in Bloc or Thinkful Bootcamps:

They offer five different options to pay the course fee. 

Upfront payment is the most cost-effective option. However, deferred is considered as favorable option for those who really need financial stance.

1. Upfront payment

  • ➤ You need to pay entire course fee in one go
  • ➤ This is the only cost-efficient option

2. Month to Month

  •   Pay as monthly installments
  •   Course continues only after clearing monthly payment

3. Deferred tuition

  • ➤ Enroll course for free and pay $0 as initial payment
  • ➤ After you get a job, payback at an interest of 10.5% per year for 36 months
  • ➤ You must be a U.S. citizen and green card holder

4. Deferred tuition with Living expenses

  • ➤ Same as deferred tuition but you'll get $1500 as a loan for your living expenses
  • Tuition fee + Loan amount to be paid back once you land in your job
  • ➤ You must be a U.S. citizen and green card holder

4. Income Share Agreement

  • ➤ You are free to take the course without any payment
  • ➤ Once you get a job, pay 15% of your gross salary monthly
  • ➤ Payback time is different for different programs

5. Living Stipend

  • ➤ Applicable for only full-time programs
  • ➤ You'll get a loan of $1500 monthly for living expenses
  • ➤ Payback once you get a job, no interest is gained on stipend
Quick facts:
  1. 44% of institutions adapted fully to online learning tools and platforms.
  2. It takes 40% to 60% lesser to learn via online courses than conventional learning.

Review of Bloc's Payment Options:

Bloc's payment options are inclined to help the job aspirers. 

They say, "If you don’t find a job within six months of graduating, we’ll give you a full refund."

Most of their fee collecting options rely on the success of the student. This shows the confidence of Bloc's team in their material and training.

Bloc, being known for its cost-effectiveness, the payment options are suitable for financial commitments one usually have.

Review of Bloc's Courses and Mentors:

As each boot camp's time frame is restricted, some may experience choppy transitions from topic to topic. At times one may look for other sources for detailed understanding. But a right mentor can fill the gap.

Mentors are at bloc are friendly and supportive. The fire in the preparation journey is noticeable, and you are advised to be active in their slack channels to keep pace.

On average, mentors were rated 8 out of 10 by 226 students.

Career Opportunities After Bloc:

1.Software Engineering & Software Development
  • • Team Lead
  • • Tech Lead
  • • Full-Stack Developer
  • • Front-end Developer
  • • Back-end Developer
2. Data Science
  • • Data Scientist
  • • Data Engineer
  • • Data Analyst
  • • Data Architect
3. UX / UI design
  • • UX & UX developers
  • • UX & UX Architects
  • • Interaction Designers
4. Digital marketing
  • • Analytics Manager.
  • • Content Manager/Content Marketing Manager.
  • • CRM Manager (incorporating Email marketing)
  • • Digital Account Manager / Sales Director (Agency role)
  • • Digital Director / Head of Digital.
  • • Digital Integrated Copywriter.
5. Technical project management
  • • Initiator
  • • Model
  • • Negotiator
  • • Listener
  • • Coach
  • • Working member.
In each of the above domains, there are various roles in different tiers.

Final Verdict [Bloc's Review]


  • One-to-one mentorship
  • Cost-effective (compared to others)
  • 100% Tuition fee refund
  • friendly payment options
  • Student first mission
  • Transparent


  • Not accredited (usually boot camps won't)
  • Moderate chat support
  • Cannot choose the mentor of our choice

Course Quality8
Mentor Knowledge8
Cost effective9
Platform software7


Bloc or Thinkful is another budget boot camp. It has got some professional courses and is worth buying content. The payment options are very flexible, and chat support on the fly is averagely good. One-to-one mentorship gives remarkable learning acceleration for job aspirers.
Overall Score


The very motive of boot camps is to train intensively on a subject. It will be hard but fruitful.

Personally, I took a learning time of one month to two for each of C, Java, Html - CSS, Bootstrap, Selenium etc.

Learning things in five months is easy, but mastering them is a complex nut, and it is completely on you. choose right path and right tools inorder to succeed in long term.

Bloc coding boot camp suits best for the one who can work at least moderately hard. Little technical background is added advantage in digesting tons of topics in less time. 

But if you are a person who takes more than the ideal time to grasp things, this can build some frustration and pressure in you.

Overall, Bloc io reviews from other sources are also not bad at all.

What people are saying about Bloc ?


Is Bloc IO worth it?

Yes, It is worth considering the price point. Their one-to-one mentorship helps you get most out of the fee you pay.

How much is Bloc iO?

The cost of Bloc or Thinkful stretches from $4,900 to $16,000 for six different boot camps.

How long is the Bloc program?

The average duration of Bloc's or Thinkful courses is around five months. It takes less time in full-time programs.

Do companies hire coding boot camp graduates?

There are alumni from Bloc who are placed in Google, Amazon, Twitter and other big companies.

Become a Top tier Programmer!

What's your take?

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